Who we are?

Who we are?



About Us

We are a team of people who passionate in properties investment and management. We have more than 10 years' experience and have managed thousands of properties in Singapore and we would love to share with you how this business begin:

Our Story

We started as property investors ourselves in Hong Kong in year 2000. As demand for real estate in Hong Kong continue to grow amidst housing prices remain sky high despite cooling measures, even Chinese millennials are beginning to find buying property in Hong Kong becoming a herculean task.

Against such a backdrop, it only makes sense for us to look abroad for better options and value for money. Our selection criteria are simple - Strong & stable economy with big Asia community. Hence, I and my wife decided to explore properties investment in Singapore in 2007.

Over years, we found the tools available in the market are very "directory" or "listing" driven and information not easy to obtain. It took us a while to understand:

  • Which areas are popular for expats, university students or own-state?
  • What rent kind of ROI we can earn in Singapore?
  • Is the Landlord & Tenant law friendly?
  • What the latest tax and other buy/sell costs?
  • How to collect rent and manage the lease from oversea?

We realized oversea property investment is big time and tens of thousands of people are in the same position like us before. Hence, we decided to simplified the property investment process for oversea investor.


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Property Investment & Management

We support you in all stages

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